Business Break-Ups in NM: Shareholder, Member and Partner Disputes

Partnership DisputesWhen starting a business, it can be hard to imagine anything going wrong. Having a dispute with one of your shareholders, members, or partners is probably the last thing on your mind. You have other important issues to attend to such as operating costs, payroll, and daily operations.  But, disputes often result in owners parting ways and you need to be prepared.  Here at Business Law Southwest, LLC we refer to these as Business Break-Ups.

Shareholder Disputes happen when shareholders in a corporation disagree on an issue. Shareholder disputes can happen for any reason pertaining to the company, including operations, employees, or asset purchases.  When ownership of the shares are concentrated with only a few people, failure to quickly resolve a dispute results in a Business Break-Up.


Member Disputes occur when two or more members of a Limited Liability Company disagree about something. A member dispute attorney can help resolve these issues or properly handle your Business Break-Up if the issues cannot be resolved.


Partnership Disputes happen when two or more partners disagree about a topic. A partnership dispute lawyer from Business Law Southwest, LLC can help you reach resolution or manage the Business Break-Up.

When a dispute within your company arises, a member, shareholder and partnership dispute lawyer at Business Law Southwest, LLC can help to get the problem resolved or protect you in the ensuing Business Break-Up.

What to Do When a Dispute Arises

When you, or another owner, feels like the company needs to go in another direction, or is being unjustly treated, contact a shareholder, partner or member dispute attorney at Business Law Southwest, LLC immediately. We can help represent you during an ongoing dispute or represent you in business litigation related to the Business Break-Up. Our business lawyers will be there to represent you every step of the way, whether it be a member, partner or shareholder dispute. Contact us today.

Positive Case Outcome:

BLSW assisted one of two owners in the break-up of an Albuquerque optometry practice with multiple locations. When a dispute arose regarding the terms of the corporation’s break-up, BLSW filed suit on behalf of its client and assisted the client in quickly reaching a mutually acceptable settlement.

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