Class Action Lawsuits in New Mexico

Class Action AttorneysOne of the biggest nightmares that any business can face is a class action lawsuit. The defense is often time consuming, expensive (even class action settlements are often very costly), and can take valuable resources away from day to day operations. When your business is involved in a class action suit, a business lawyer from Business Law Southwest, LLC can help to defend your business.

What a Business Lawyer from Business Law Southwest, LLC can do to Help you

As a company there are measures that you can take to protect your business from being damaged by these allegations. From start to finish, our business law firm can represent you in a class action lawsuit to:

  • Attempt to stop the class from being certified by a judge. We can attempt to prove to the court that the class should not be certified.
  • Prove that the merits of the claim are false. We can help you find factual or circumstantial evidence to prove that the accusations are not true.
  • Defend you during the negotiation process. If applicable, we can protect your rights and interests during the negotiation of a class action settlement.

We can also help you write a “waiver of participation in a class action suit” into your deals with consumers, if appropriate. At Business Law Southwest, LLC, we can counsel you and direct you in the right way to proceed with your case.

Contact Business Law Southwest, LLC to Defend Against a Class Action Lawsuit

If you are in danger of dealing with a class action lawsuit against your business, contact us today at Business Law Southwest, LLC. We can defend your case in or out of court.

Call 505-848-8581 today for a free strategic class action suit defense planning session with an experienced New Mexico business lawyer.


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