Employee Dispute Lawsuits in NM

When an employee decides to file an employee dispute lawsuit, it can come as a shock. If you have found your business in this situation, an employee conflict attorney from Business Law Southwest, LLC can help.

When to Contact an Employee Conflict Attorney

These times can be difficult for everyone involved. Employee dispute lawsuits can be filed against the company, against those in management positions, or against another employee. No matter what the situation, contact a business lawyer at Business Law Southwest, LLC when:

  • An employee dispute lawsuit has been filed
  • There are accusations of misconduct by an employee
  • There are accusations of unlawful employment termination
  • You are not sure about what you can and cannot do to avoid an employee conflict

An employee conflict attorney can help you defend yourself against any of these types of accusations. If you have found yourself in an employee dispute lawsuit, contact the business lawyers at Business Law Southwest, LLC today.

New Mexico Business Lawyers Defending Your Rights

Your rights, interests and needs are most important to us during this process. As a team of business lawyers, we strive to understand every aspect of your business so we can defend your rights and interests. In or out of court, you can count on the employee conflict attorneys at Business Law Southwest, LLC to defend you and fight for your rights. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Positive Case Outcome:

BLSW represented an employer against two of its employees’ claims of negligence and outrageous conduct. After removing the case from the First Judicial District Court to federal court, BLSW attorney Don Kochersberger moved to compel arbitration and for the dismissal of the case. The Court ultimately agreed with Mr. Kochersberger’s position, granted the motion to compel arbitration, and dismissed all claims against the employer.  This effectively ended the dispute.

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