FAQ to a Shareholder Dispute Attorney in NM

When you have a dispute between shareholders, members or partners in a business, you may not know how to proceed to protect your rights. Some frequently asked questions to a shareholder, member or partner dispute lawyer are:

What are my rights and responsibilities as a shareholder, member or partner?

Shareholder Dispute FAQsThe rights and responsibilities of a shareholder, member or partner may vary based on:

  • The level of ownership in the business
  • The type of business
  • How many other owners there are

If you seek commercial litigation to resolve a shareholder dispute or a partner has raised a dispute with you, a business lawyer can help you understand the rights and responsibilities as they are outlined in your agreements. Contact a partner dispute lawyer at Business Law Southwest, LLC.

I am a minority shareholder, partner or member. What rights do I have to information about finances?

In New Mexico, minority shareholders have rights to access the financial information of the corporation. What minority shareholders may do in response to the information is often defined or limited by statute or in the corporation’s by-laws.

If a minority vs. majority shareholder dispute arises, a shareholder dispute attorney can help you understand your rights. If further action is required, such as a Business Break-Up, a lawyer from Business Law Southwest, LLC can advise you on how to proceed to avoid or minimize the cost of commercial litigation.

How much say do I have in the business?

The question of how much influence one person may wield often arises during a partner, member or shareholder dispute. However, there is no one answer. A lawyer must review the terms outlined in agreement drafted initially or amended since the business’ inception. Typically, the influence one individual may exert over a business is commensurate with the amount of ownership that individual has.

To better understand your level of authority as a shareholder, member or partner and protect your rights during a dispute or Business Break-Up, contact an attorney from Business Law Southwest, LLC.

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