Business Asset Purchase Lawyer in NM

Most of the time when a business is just forming, it is hard to imagine what will happen should you decide to close down or sell. The seeming unlikelihood of ever selling or closing your business before you have even really started makes it hard to envision a plan of action from the beginning. However, people often decide that they do not want to run the business they started, are financially unable to continue to run it, or experience a Business Break-Up. Either way, it may be beneficial to you to sell your assets. An experienced Business Asset Purchase Lawyer can help you.

What Assets You Have and Which to Sell

Business Asset Purchase LawyerSelling the property that is owned by your business requires a solid asset purchase agreement.  Depending on your entity, your business asset purchase agreement may include both assets and stocks. Assets, such as office equipment and client lists, may be purchased without assuming the debts and obligations that the company owes. Stock, or other ownership interests may also be bought, but debts are often also assumed this way. Most buyers prefer to purchase assets instead of ownership interests to avoid assuming debts.

Most business asset purchase agreements deal with equipment, customer information and other intellectual property because that allows the buyer to attain assets without the debt that company has incurred. Choosing what to sell is up to the business owners and should be discussed with an experienced asset purchase lawyer from Business Law Southwest, LLC.

How a Business Asset Purchase Lawyer from Business Law Southwest, LLC Can Help You

First, an asset purchase lawyer from Business Law Southwest, LLC can help connect you with a valuation expert to determine a fair price for your assets. Often times, this valuation expert is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). After the CPA has determined a fair value for all assets being purchased, a business lawyer at Business Law Southwest, LLC can help you negotiate with all parties involved to ensure that you are receiving a fair price for what you are selling.  Moreover, our lawyers will assure that the sale is properly documented to avoid future disputes. Contact us today.

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