Creating a Start Up Business Plan in NM

There is so much to do and think about during the business start up period. Negotiations must be conducted, contracts signed and licenses granted. All of these things are leading up to your big opening day.

Everything you do now will affect how your business runs later.

Every good entrepreneur start up plan is developed in coordination with an experienced start up business lawyer to ensure solid legal footing. When you need a professional to assist you with your start-up business plan, you need an attorney from Business Law Southwest, LLC.

How a New Mexico Business Start up lawyer Can Help

Your business start up plan should include details about employees, price negotiations and many other important matters of which you may not even be aware. A business lawyer from Business Law Southwest, LLC can help you:

  • Review your location and supplier contracts to ensure legality and identify sources of conflict
  • Assure that your negotiations with initial dealers, suppliers, and leasing agents are lawful and beneficial
  • Evaluate your employee contracts to make sure they are binding and legal
  • Make sure your rights, and those of your employees, are being protected
  • Ask the tough questions and pay attention to the details

At Business Law Southwest, LLC, we thoroughly evaluate business plans to ensure that your entrepreneur start up will not have problems later. We provide the legal perspective necessary to assure that your start up business plan is sound and binding.

Business Lawyers to Help Bring your Vision to Life

More than a team of business lawyers, the attorneys at Business Law Southwest, LLC are here to learn about you and your business. We practice business law that will make sense for the unique needs of your business. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Positive Case Outcome:

BLSW assisted a local businessman with all aspects of his purchase of a plumbing company. In addition to drafting the stock purchase agreement, BLSW drafted the necessary leases, consulting and transition assistance agreements, and promissory notes to effectuate the sale.

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