Employment Contract Lawyers in Albuquerque, NM

signing employment contractEnsuring the success of your business is your livelihood and motivation. One of the most important ways to ensure its success is by hiring employees who create an atmosphere in which your business can thrive.

We know that your employees are one of the most important assets of your business. During the normal course of operations, your employees may come into contact with trade secrets or vital confidential information used to stay ahead of the competition. Our Albuquerque business law firm can ensure you have measures in place to legally protect this information.

Types of Employment Law Contracts We Handle

Our Albuquerque firm understands the ways that contract law principles can be employed to properly define your relationship with your employees. We can use that knowledge to provide you with expert advice for all types of employment law contracts, including:

Employment contracts
These contracts govern binding terms of employment, including: working hours, terms, expectations and termination procedures. Keep in mind that by agreeing to the terms of this contract, you will likely be negating at-will terms of employment that New Mexico generally assumes. If requested, we can attempt to seek ways to keep the at-will agreement intact while outlining job procedures and expectations.

Non-compete agreements
After employment is terminated by either party, your former employee may choose to work at another business or go out on their own. Protect your business with a non-compete agreement by making it a contractual obligation that they are not allowed to go into competition with you for some period after employment is terminated.

Non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements
If a former employee chooses employment with a competitor, your former employee may decide to share trade secrets or information concerning your business with their new employers. If the former employee decides to start her own business in the same field, she may attempt to take client lists or use the information gained while employed with you to be in direct competition with your business. A non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement may legally bar her from doing this.

If these contracts are breached at any time, by any party, our Albuquerque contract lawyers can defend you in or out of court.  Contact our Albuquerque contract lawyers today.

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