Physician and Nurse Credentialing in NM

Physician & Nurse Credentials AttorneysNew Mexico, like every other state, has a governing board that oversees the credentialing of nurses and physicians. In New Mexico, this organization is called the NM Medical Board. They handle disputes, complaints and regulations on all practicing nurses and physicians in New Mexico.

Handling a Complaint with the NM Medical Board

Every physician and nurse is required to perform at a certain standard level of care with every patient. Usually, the standard of care that is received is never questioned. From time to time, however, a patient might have had a bad outcome and question the level of care they received. When that happens, the patient may decide to file a complaint with the New Mexico Medical Board.

When you have had a complaint filed against you, your license to practice may be in danger of revocation. During this time, it is important to seek legal defense from lawyers who understand the system. At Business Law Southwest, LLC, we can help you navigate the complex legal system that deals with medical malpractice cases as we fight to protect your reputation and practice.

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As your experienced medical malpractice lawyers in New Mexico, we can help you understand the legal system and what options you have. We are always honest with our clients about the possible outcomes their case can have. We will work with you to protect your rights and fight on your behalf during this difficult time. ContactBusiness Law Southwest, LLC for the experienced legal defense you need.

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