Business Law Southwest LLC Welcomes Philip Saltz To The Firm As Of Counsel!

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Phil is happy to provide legal services in the areas of Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Probate and Preventative Law.  The addition of Phil Saltz to our team helps make Business Law Southwest your one-stop shop for your business legal needs. Estate Planning is not just for the rich. It costs nothing to talk with Phil about how his Estate Planning, Probate, and Preventative Law services can benefit you. Call 505.848.8581 today to make an appointment.







Strategic Business Planning that Makes Business Sense: Business Lawyers Protecting Businesses in the Southwest

Partnership agreements. Operating agreements. Non-compete clauses. When you are starting a new business you have many concerns and it is easy to forget to create agreements to cover these issues. After the fact, having these agreements can protect you and failing to have these agreements can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. When you need strategic business planning in Albuquerque, Phoenix, Dallas or anywhere else in the Southwest, the business lawyers at Business Law Southwest, LLC can help.

Strategic Business Planning for your Company

More than just a team of lawyers, we are committed to learning your business inside and out. Whether we are working with you during the commercial litigation process or overseeing contract negotiations, we can help you ask the tough questions that need to be answered, like:

  • What restrictions are there to offering ownership interests to investors?
  • Is my position protected if other shareholders sell their shares?
  • If the business fails, am I personally responsible for the debts?
  • Can other owners remove me from the business?

These are all questions that a business attorney at Business Law Southwest, LLC can help you answer. When you have questions about the important details, contact our team of business lawyers today.

Partnership Agreement Attorneys Working for You

When you want business law that makes business sense, Business Law Southwest, LLC can help. Above all, we place the needs of our clients first; we will work with you throughout the legal process to help you make the best decisions to protect you and your business. Whether or not you are embroiled in commercial litigation, our business knowledge will be put to work for you in the best interests of your company. Business Law Southwest, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is licensed to serve Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.   Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Call 505-848-8581 today to schedule your free strategic business planning session with an experienced business lawyer.

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I would not hesitate to recommend this law firm. Thank you again, Business Law Southwest.
Cherryl Thomas

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