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An Approach that Makes Business Sense
Blindly throwing your business’ energy and money at a legal problem and hoping for the best is not likely to yield a result that makes sense for your company. Even if you win a legal battle, it is a small consolation if you lose the business war. The tail shouldn’t wag the dog. Any solution to a legal issue for your company has to make sense for your business, not just your lawyers. The Law Firm of Business Law Southwest understands this and will help you make sense of it all.

A Process that Makes Business Sense
Knowing our clients and understanding their businesses is a big part of our ongoing success. That commitment to understanding starts with our first meeting. Before we render any legal services or charge any fees, we will sit down and talk with you about your legal concern. Then we’ll develop ways to collaborate effectively and contain your legal fees. We also will discuss whether an alternative fee, like a flat fee or contingent fee, is best for your case.

Experience that Makes Business Sense
From complex business transactions to “bet the company” business litigation, criminal defense to regulatory matters, we have a great depth and breadth of experience in business law. We work in all forums including federal, state, and local courts, as well the United States Supreme Court. Beyond the courts, we also handle alternative dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation.

Our Law Firm primarily represents clients in Albuquerque and throughout the state of New Mexico, as well as the states of Texas and Arizona. To find out more about our attorneys’ vast experience when it comes to everything business law, please visit our attorneys’ individual bio pages listed to the right.

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Business Law Southwest is a proud member of LawPact

lawpact logo and linkLawPact is an international association and network of independent business law firms. It currently has more than 55 member firms in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Business Law Southwest’s membership in LawPact allows us access to business law professionals around the world without the costs and expenses of being an international law firm. It allows you, the client, the same access. A company’s business often crosses state or international lines, even though the company is here in New Mexico. Our relationship with other LawPact members allows us to provide you with quality legal services virtually wherever your business needs are.

LawPact members are available to each other whenever legal questions involving another jurisdiction’s law arise. Additionally, the vast cumulative experience and knowledge of LawPact members means that the answer to almost any complex business law problem is often only a phone call or e-mail away. If you need to set up a business in Mexico, LawPact allows us to help you do that. If you need to collect a judgment in India, LawPact allows us to help you do that. If you want to export your products overseas, LawPact allows us to help you do that. If a deceased loved one’s estate is outside of New Mexico, LawPact allows us to help you probate the estate. If you need to sue a vendor in another state, LawPact allows us to help you do that.

LawPact truly allows you, the client, access to a local Albuquerque business law firm with global reach.


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