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It’s a fact of life for all businesses: Third-party interactions determine the success and failure of the business, as well as the fortunes of the business owners. Drawing from an experienced and sophisticated legal team is an important component of any successful business for any successful transaction, whether buying or selling the business; interacting with key stakeholders, such as financiers, partners, vendors, landlords, franchisors, or others; or putting standard documents together for employees, contractors, licensees or customers. Having the proper contracts in place can avoid a lot of headaches and expense down the road.

Business Law Southwest business lawyers have centuries worth of combined practice in complex business transactions and related matters.

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The Business Law Southwest Collaborative Process:

Prudent business leaders seek to manage their legal fees, and BLSW utilizes the following methodology to help manage legal expenses while yielding beneficial results.

  • Assess the Situation. The very first step is to evaluate the available material and relevant facts to determine available legal options and outcomes. This is usually a very quick, and therefore low-cost step that permits a business owner to make a small investment to receive a quality opinion.
  • Discuss the Options. Once we’re aware of the available legal options, we discuss the options, our opinion of their risks and costs, and we discuss next steps.
  • Define a Plan. In collaboration with our clients, we will build a plan according to the needs of the business and the budget of the business owner.
  • Execute the Plan. Finally, we will execute whatever plan was defined in collaboration with our clients, adhering to the budget and approached agreed upon.

As a difference-maker for businesses, our business transactions attorneys provide practical business advice, assistance with corporate planning and strategy, and routinely draft and review contracts and other legal documents. Adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards, our business consulting practice involves a wide array of services.

We are committed to offering businesses and their leaders practical solutions to establish, grow, and sustain the business. BLSW has helped establish numerous start-up companies and have provided both legal advice and strategic planning for those companies. Many of our clients continue to seek our advice and counsel to manage their growth and safeguard their legal interests after their businesses are firmly established and thriving.

Sometimes, despite the best efforts at planning and avoiding a dispute, a lawsuit or other commercial litigation matter may arise. In such cases, our litigation group is highly respected, sought-after, and second to none.

At Business Law Southwest, we are committed to providing you with the personal attention and strategic advice you need to make decisions that make sense for your business. Contact us to find out how we can help you perfect and protect your business.

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