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Business litigation. Whether you are suing or being sued, it’s stressful and costly, to say the least. It is our desire to help you through this stressful time with the advice and expertise you need to make the best decisions for your business. Business Law Southwest provides highly respected and sought-after legal services for businesses and business leaders.

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We are a full-service law firm dedicated to the needs of business leaders and their businesses. Call us now to discuss your needs.

Our commercial litigation attorneys work to effectively represent your business from the inception of litigation through the appeals process if necessary.

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At Business Law Southwest, we provide practical legal solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. When you need to address a business litigation matter, we are here to help you minimize risk while seeking the best possible outcome.

Every case, and every business, is different. That’s why our New Mexico business litigation attorneys thoroughly analyze the specific circumstances you are facing to create a solid strategy that aligns with your overall business goals.

Whether it’s litigating in the courtroom or resolving conflict through mediation or arbitration, our goal is to help you obtain cost-effective, efficient and favorable outcomes that make sense for your business.

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For several years, BLSW has represented a local business owner in matters pertaining to all aspects of running a business, including forming new entities, resolving employee issues, drafting and reviewing international contracts, and resolving business disputes. In one particular case, BLSW represented the business owner in a dispute concerning his retail jewelry business. This dispute involved claims filed in federal court in New Mexico, as well as claims filed in state court in Florida. BLSW was able to settle all claims prior to trial.

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Business litigation is often costly and includes not only the time and resources of the attorney, but also that of the client. As such our experienced business litigation lawyers focus on effective discovery while, at the same time, seeking to limit excessive discovery and abuses of the discovery process by our opponents. We are here for you. Contact us today.

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