Employment Non-Compete Agreements

As a business, you strive to create an environment for your employees that fosters loyalty and trust. You trust your employees to show up on time, to perform well, and to grow as individuals and with the company. You invest time and energy into their personal and professional development.

Employment non-compete agreements are a way to make sure that your employees do not move to a competitor’s business or start their own in your field. Basically, they would not be able to participate in any type of business that would directly compete with yours for a period of time after they leave your employment. When you need a non-compete agreement that will protect you and your assets, a business litigation attorney from Business Law Southwest can help.

What to do when Your Employee Non-Compete Agreement has been Violated

As an employer, you give your employees access to information of a sensitive nature. You have helped develop them into the person they are today. You trust them to do what is right and to honor the commitments that they have taken on and not directly compete with you in business.

When your employment non-compete agreement is violated, that trust is broken. Fight back against the injustice by contacting a business litigation attorney at Business Law Southwest.

We can work with you to uphold your non-compete agreement by seeking an injunction to enforce it.

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You have the right to protect what is yours. Fight to protect your business from competitors who know the ins and outs of your business by contacting the business litigation attorneys at Business Law Southwest. When your trust and confidentiality has been violated, we will be there to work for you and seek justice.

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