Expungement is the court-ordered legal process which seals or permanently erases a criminal conviction. If you have ever been convicted of a crime, arrested for a crime and not charged or suffered the misfortune of being the victim of identity theft, you know the stigma that having such information available through public records can bring.

Effective January 1, 2020

Details of such events coupled with mugshot photos and the availability of such information via the Internet and background searches can prove to be devastating to individuals who truly have learned from their mistakes and are trying to move forward. Such criminal records can serve as barriers to employment, access to housing, security clearances, eligibility to adopt or foster children and more. All states offer a path to expungement in certain circumstances. New Mexico’s process as of 2020 has been expanded.

Specifically, the law allows for expungement in the following circumstances:
  1. Victim of identity theft.
  2. Arrest without conviction.
  3. After conviction.
    (After completion of sentence, payment of fines and a specified amount of time depending on nature of crime).

Not Sure if you're eligible?

Need help determining if you are eligible for expungement in New Mexico? We've built a smart, confidential interview to give you answers fast!

Am I Eligible for Expungement in New Mexico?
The rules and process associated with the expungement are many and can be complicated or difficult for a non- lawyer to maneuver. Business Law Southwest offers a New Mexico Expungement Package. Here is what is included:
  • Consultation with a Paralegal or Attorney to determine your eligibility for an expungement under New Mexico Law. Take our free and confidential Expungement Interview first!
  • Concise plan with detailed steps.
  • Drafting of required paperwork and forms.
  • Filings with Court.
  • Attorney will appear with you in Court.
  • Assuming expungement is awarded, our legal team will draft letters to request removal of damaging information and photographs from Internet sites such as Mugshots.com.