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Business Law Southwest, provides a wide-array of tax-based legal assistance and consultation to CPA’s, accountants and business leaders alike. Whether local, state or federal tax issues or questions are an issue, BLSW has the expertise to help.

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When Should You Consult with a Tax Attorney:

A qualified tax attorney can be an absolute necessity when federal or state tax collectors come knocking, but it can also potentially save you and your company significant money and time spent defending yourselves by getting ahead of your tax obligations — and maximizing your tax savings in the process. For example, a qualified tax attorney can:

  • Provide a formal opinion, backed by comprehensive legal research, that you and your accountant can confidently rely on in support of your tax position
  • Answer questions about deductions, exemptions, credits, or other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and New Mexico statutes and regulations
  • Work with your accountant to ensure that you’re meeting your tax compliance obligations
  • Represent you and your business in disputes with the IRS or New Mexico’s Taxation and Revenue Department
  • Help you structure your business transactions to maximize your tax savings
  • And much more

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