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We all know that taxes are a part of life, but our modern tax system was built to give all of us some relief in the form of deductions, credits, and exemptions for both everyday and not-so-common activities that we, as people and as businesses, undertake. Whether you’re paying interest on your mortgage or paying your employees and growing your company, we’re entitled by law to lower our tax burden. Don’t get bullied into paying more tax than you need to. If the IRS or the State of New Mexico is challenging the deductions, credits, or exemptions you’ve taken, give us a call.

We represent clients in tax controversies and disputes to protect their right to only pay what they’re required by law to.

Important Fun Fact

Did you know that if you obtain a formal opinion from a properly licensed tax attorney, that opinion can be used to defend yourself against the IRS or other taxing agency in a dispute? Specifically, even if the IRS or the state taxing agency disagrees with the opinion, penalties will be waived.

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When Should I Contact Business Law Southwest?

Contact us when:

  • Your accountant or CPA aren’t quite sure the interpretation of the tax code, or the availability of a deduction, credit or exemption.
  • You want a formal opinion on how to handle a specific tax issue.
  • The IRS or the state taxing authority claim you’ve done something wrong, but your CPA or accountant disagrees.

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