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BLSW Explains the Corporate Transparency Act at The NMDOT Conference

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On February 28, 2024 NMDOT Star held their 2024 Conference. Attorney Larry Donahue hosted the “Wednesday Webinar” discussing The Corporate Transparency Act and You. Starting on January 1, 2024 a new law went into effect that requires a significant amount of the US Companies to report Beneficial Ownership Information to the US Government via FinCen. Failure to report their businesses …

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Successor Liability and How to Prevent It 

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In business, it’s important to keep in mind that liabilities don’t disappear when ownership changes hands. Debts owed, outstanding lawsuits and liens may transfer over to the new owners of the business. This legal concept is called successor liability. For business owners, it’s crucial to be aware of how this can impact their bottom line and what they can do …

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Professional Licensing & Licensure: How an Attorney Can Help 

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Being a licensed professional not only demonstrates an individual’s expertise in their field but also helps to assure clients that they are working with a competent and qualified professional. The process of obtaining a professional license, however, can be arduous and confusing. For some individuals, it may require various examinations, education requirements, and years of supervised experience. This is where …

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What You Need To Know About Business in 2021

In Break-ups & Partnership Disputes, Business Tips, Business Transactions, Dispute Resolution, Fraud & Embezzelment, Legal Compliance, Litigation & Lawsuits, Partnerships by Larry DonahueLeave a Comment

Attorney Stephanie Schaeffer advises against “lazy” financial practices among managing members of multiple companies. Since joining BLSW earlier this year, I have worked several matters regarding business member disputes. Some of these disputes could have easily been resolved if the parties had documented their financial action or if they had documented the “deal” they had regarding purchasing membership interest. Still …

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Employees Showing Symptoms of COVID-19? Here’s What To Do Next.

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Attorney Joe Turner discusses what small business owners need to consider. Dear Joe, I run a small clothing store in the Albuquerque area, and one of my long-time employees has called in sick. We do not know, but she might have Coronavirus based on their symptoms. They have scheduled an appointment to be tested. I was wondering what my next …

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Is Your Business Required To Pay Business Taxes During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

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For the most part, the answer is no – that is to say, individuals are still required to pay taxes, as are businesses. That being said, there are a few COVID-related exceptions. First, in the CARES Act, Congress allowed for a deferral of the employer’s portion of Social Security taxes for periods between March 27, 2020 and December 31, 2020, payable 50% …

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When Your Business Partner Thinks He Is Funny…. But He Is Not.

In Break-ups & Partnership Disputes, Business Tips, Business Transactions, Contract Disputes, Contracts, Corporate Formation, Departing Partner, Dispute Resolution, Dissolve a Partnership, Employment Contract, Employment Law, Legal Compliance, Litigation & Lawsuits, LLC Formation, Partnership Dispute, Partnerships by Joseph TurnerLeave a Comment

Attorney Joe Turner weighs in on this complicated but serious issue. Dear Joe, I am in a Partnership with four other Physicians.  One of the Partners fancies himself a comedian.  He likes to send out joke emails to the entire staff and will often add improper comments to serious ones.  The problem, aside from being immature and distracting, is that often …