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Trademark Protection AttorneysOne of the most important things you can do as a business leader, is create a well-known and identifiable name for your business. A strong name permits clients and customers to find you, do business with you, and refer business to you. Therefore, it’s critical you both protect your name and prevent other businesses from interfering with your use of your company name.

Trademark infringement is a big problem for companies for two reasons: First, if you are infringing on another company’s trademark, you could expose your business to expensive litigation and fines, effectively stripping you of your ability to use the name you’ve been using for your business. Second, if another company is infringing on your company’s name or trademark, this could have long-term damaging impacts to your business and the good name of your company.

The trademark attorneys at Business Law Southwest can help you safeguard the names, images and slogans that are unique to your business, as well as help you defend against any trademark infringement claims by other companies.

Business Law Southwest can Help Defend Trademark Infringement Claims Against Your Company

Trademark law is very complex, and has both state and federal implications. An effective strategy is like playing chess, not checkers. Our trademark lawyers can help with:

  • Fighting trademark infringement claims and lawsuits
  • Negotiating settlement agreements and co-existence agreements
  • Conducting “likelihood-of-confusion” assessment to determine level of risk on an infringement claim
  • Strategize effective naming strategies to avoid infringement actions

We Can Help Protect Your Valuable Business Marks with Our Deep Understanding of Trademark Law

As your trademark attorney at Business Law Southwest, we offer a wide variety of services to help you protect the things that make your business unique. Our trademark services include:

  • Registering your trademark at the state, federal and international levels
  • Filing for an injunction to force another business to stop using your trademark
  • Representing your business in litigation, should someone unlawfully use your trademark
  • Seeking damages, should the courts find the other party infringed
  • Defend or sue in a trademark opposition at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
  • Save your trademark from going abandoned, by submitting a response to an office action by the USPTO

If you have had your slogan, logo, or intellectual property used without your permission, a trademark lawyer from Business Law Southwest can help.

Your New Mexico Trademark Attorneys Fighting for your Rights

The use of one of your trademarks by another company can have a lasting, damaging effect on the company you have worked hard to promote. Whether the company that is using your trademark is here in New Mexico, or anywhere else around the country, a trademark attorney from Business Law Southwest can help you fight for your rights. When you are ready to fight for your business, contact a trademark lawyer at Business Law Southwest today.

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