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For you, protecting your business is one of the most important things in every day operations. You have worked hard to protect your employees, locations and reputation. When the reputation of your business is on the line due to accusations of interference, antitrust or intentional injury, a business tort lawyer from Business Law Southwest can help.

Types of Tort Law in New Mexico

Business TortIn general, “a tort” in business law is defined as a wrongful act or an infringement of a right (other than under contract) by the business that leads to civil legal liability for the business and/or its owners. Our business law firm deals with tort laws that defend businesses against accusations that harm was caused intentionally or because of negligence. These accusations are almost always damaging to your company’s reputation. As your team of tort lawyers, we can defend your business against most forms of tortious claims, including (but not limited to):

  • Antitrust. This is also known as price fixing or collusion. Antitrust happens when a group of vendors that are competing in the same market adjust their services or pricing in attempt to take advantage of a consumer or to put another company out of business.
  • Personal injury. You can be accused of negligent or intentional harm because an employee or customer was hurt on your property or place of business.
  • Business interference. When you are accused of interference, another business is saying that you are spreading false statements about them or have been misleading their customers.

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Fighting back against these accusations can help to protect the reputation of your company. If you find your business in any of these situations, a business tort lawyer at Business Law Southwest can help.

Positive Case Outcome

  • BLSW attorney Don Kochersberger prevailed in an appeal from a district court to the New Mexico Court of Appeals. He obtained the reversal of the district court’s erroneous decision to dismiss BLSW’s client’s claims due to a prior similar lawsuit. The case was allowed to proceed.
  • BLSW successfully defended an Albuquerque used car dealer against a purchaser’s claims for fraud and violations of the New Mexico Unfair Practices Act. At the end of the trial, it took a jury less than two hours to find in favor of the car dealer. As the prevailing party, he was also permitted to recover the costs he incurred during the litigation.
  • BLSW represented a lender against a borrower’s complaint for claims of replevin and conversion. The borrower claimed that the lender wrongfully repossessed the vehicle the borrower used as collateral. BLSW filed counterclaims for fraud and conspiracy. BLSW was able to negotiate a settlement prior to trial.
  • When a property owner located out-of-state found herself in a dispute with a New Mexico home designer and builder, BLSW attorney Don Kochersberger was able to help her resolve her dispute. In this construction dispute, it was asserted that the builder was claiming excessive amounts for his design work. After responding to the builder’s claims and filing counterclaims for fraud, violations of the New Mexico Unfair Practices Act, and malicious abuse of process, BLSW successfully settled this matter prior to trial.

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