Antitrust Policies in New Mexico

Antitrust AttorneysEvery day, your business produces quality products and services that have allowed you to build a solid reputation in your community. As a reputable business, it can be frustrating to be accused of something like antitrust. If you are accused of any type of antitrust violation, a business lawyer at Business Law Southwest can help to fight for your rights.

Antitrust Laws in New Mexico

Just being accused of something like antitrust can be very damaging to your reputation. Being found in violation of antitrust laws can put you out of business, in addition to being subjected to other fines and penalties. In New Mexico, the possible penalties include:

  • Voiding of all business contracts associated with the offending conduct
  • Liability for civil and punitive damages
  • Not being paid for completed services or delivered products, if applicable
  • 4th degree felony
  • Fines up to $250,000
  • Possible jail time of up to five years

The state of New Mexico has placed severe penalties and fines for violating its antitrust policies, and other states have similar penalities. If you are accused of antitrust, let one of our experienced antitrust law attorneys at Business Law Southwest help.

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