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Contracts are the lifeblood of any company, and unfortunately, contract disputes and a party’s failure to perform under a contract can occur. When they do, they can create problems for both parties — the non-breaching party ends up losing some benefit, and takes a loss in anticipated profits or potentially breaches another contract that was dependent upon the breached agreement. The breaching party, of course, will be responsible for their breach.

We Deal with Breach of Contract Claims Regularly

As experienced business attorneys, Business Law Southwest, LLC represents both parties to a breach of contract claim. We’ve represented non-breaching parties seeking specific performance, injunctive relief, and damages. Similarly, we’ve represented breaching parties attempting to minimize the liability associated with a breach of contract claim.

What is a Contract? Can I Sue Under a Verbal Contract?

A contract is a “bargained for exchange of value” between parties. An “exchange of value” can mean money, services or giving up something otherwise legally available to a party. Conversely, an “exchange of value” does not include giving up something that wasn’t yours to give up in the first place, or to give up something you were otherwise legally required to give up.

In other words, contract law is very complex and the complexity starts right with the question, “Is there really a contract?” Even if there is no piece of paper, there can certainly be an enforceable contract under the right circumstances. Similarly, even if there is a piece of paper, the contract could be unenforceable.

You should always consult with properly licensed and experienced contracts attorneys to help you evaluate a contract and know your rights.

The Other Party Says They are Going to Breach. Can I Do Anything About It?

This is called “anticipatory breach,” and depending on the circumstances you may not only be able to do something, you may actually required to do something to mitigate your damages. Contact us and talk to a contracts attorney to learn what options you have under such a circumstance.

Circumstances Have Changed, How Do I Terminate a Contract?

Your ability to terminate a contract early will depend on a number of circumstances, including the reasonableness of the change of circumstances, the language in the contract, the dispute resolution and early termination language if any, and other factors. Talk to a Business Law Southwest, LLC contracts attorney to learn what your options are.

Suing for Breach of Contract

Business Law Southwest, LLC has litigators experienced in suing under breach of contract claims. Oftentimes, a court will award specific performance, lost profits, injunctive relief and/or actual damages, depending on the facts and circumstances of a case.

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