Same-Sex Marriage and Business Partnerships

Owning a business with one’s spouse is a common—albeit arguably stressful at times—occurrence. At BLSW, we know that managing legal matters as a partnership—both in marriage and in business—is always easier with a strong and skilled team on your side, and we’re happy to help answer questions that arise with understanding the collaboration of marriage and business.

On December 19, 2013 the New Mexico Supreme Court issued a life-changing ruling for many couples—and potentially for many business owners—across the state. (See more on the ruling here). With their ruling in favor of marriage equality, there are many recently married same-sex couples and many who plan to marry in coming months. Some of these couples might have been together for years, decades even. As a result, there are likely many who have been business partners as well for quite some time. With their new marriage, though, there are important aspects of business operations and legal practices for their business that need to be addressed.

We sincerely congratulate the same-sex couples who have recently married, and who are able to enjoy the same freedoms under the law as every other couple. We encourage all business owners who are newly wed—or newly partnered in business—to contact us. We can offer legal advice to plan for the future and help your business thrive. For more information, please check out our website at:

The Law and Alcohol Based Businesses

Mark Johnston, a California businessman, racked up half a million dollars in gambling debt over the course of two days. That news would likely be upsetting to anyone; however, Mr. Johnston is taking a different approach to dealing with his sky-high debts.

His argument is that he should not be held accountable for the debt, and he is suing the casino where he lost the money—Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino—on grounds that they continued to serve him when he claims he was blackout drunk.
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The Super Bowl Ad Heard ‘Round the Country

When developing a communications and marketing plan for law practices, it’s often said that targeting is much more effective than casting a wide net.

Apparently no one told that to personal injury attorney, Jamie Casino.

Nobody except people in Savannah, Georgia had ever heard of Jamie Casino prior to the 2014 Super Bowl.  But his over-the-top ad, which cost $35,000 for air-time and an additional $25,000 to produce—went viral—and now everyone coast to coast recognizes Jamie Casino and his law firm. Will it help him grow his business? Who knows, but sometimes living large can pay off in big dividends.  “You take a big chance when you do things like this,” Casino said. “But I’d do it again. No matter what.”

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Trade Secrets – What intellectual property qualifies and how to protect them

The phrase “trade secret” conjures something that might very well be at the center of a plot in the latest John Grisham novel. And while trade secrets should indeed be carefully guarded, the true definition of a trade secret is much more black and white.

The term trade secret can be used generally when referencing a variety of intellectual property. Some possibilities of intellectual property that may be considered trade secrets include:

  • Formulas;
  • Recipes;
  • Designs;
  • Patterns;
  • Information; and
  • Manufacturing Processes

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Alicia LaPado Joins Business Law Southwest

5x7_lo_Bryans_027fAlicia LaPado has joined the Business Law Southwest Team. She has been hired as an associate. LaPado’s practice includes business litigation, general civil litigation and criminal defense. Prior to becoming an associate, LaPado worked at the firm as a legal assistant, office manager and law clerk.

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