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The 2021 Class of Super Lawyers and Rising Stars

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BLSW- Simply The Best Business Attorneys We are pleased to announce that 100% of the BLSW Partners and more than half of the Associates were named to the 2021 Super Lawyers and Rising Stars List. Super Lawyers: Don Kochersberger, III and Larry Donahue Rising Stars: Alicia McConnell, Ian Alden and Kameron Kramer “Super Lawyers is a rating service of outstanding …

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Things To Consider When Preparing Your Settlement Agreement

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So you finally found a way to settle that legal dispute you had – congratulations! You’re almost there, now you just need to define the terms of the agreement you reached. Don’t overlook this part of the process – a settlement agreement that fails to adequately describe the parties’ intentions and obligations can lead to additional disputes between the parties, …

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How To Correctly File A Lien

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Doing it wrong can cost you thousands. Contract and payment disputes between contractors and homebuyers are very common in New Mexico. In some situations, the homebuyer runs out of money at some point during the construction of a house and is unable to pay what they owe to the builders. Other times, the workmanship is poor and the homebuyer refuses …

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LLC’s: What Are They and What Are Their Pros and Cons?

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Limited liability companies (LLCs) are popular due to their basic benefits of liability protection and are typically used by a company with two or more owners. LLCs protect the owners’ personal assets from losses, company debts, or court rulings against the company as long as the owners keep their debts and assets separate from the LLC. LLCs may also provide …

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Do You Have a Will For Your Business?

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Attorney Ian Alden to host a workshop aimed at educating business owners on business succession planning. Do you have a will?  Have you thought about how you would take care of your family if something happened to you?  Have you given any thought to retirement?  Well, the same thought process needs to go into your business.  If the unthinkable were …

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What Is So Important About An Operating Agreement?

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It is one of the most important documents associated with your business yet in so many instances it is the least considered.  In fact, a frightening amount of small business owners merely downloaded a generic form and signed it when starting their business with little knowledge as to what was in the document.  The Operating Agreement for your business dictates …

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Do You Know The Top 10 Mistakes Business Owners Consistently Make?

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Firm Partner Larry Donahue is teaching this informative 2- part workshop. 25 +years and thousands of clients later, Attorney Larry Donahue has been able to identify the all-too-common mistakes small business owners everywhere, in every type of business make over and over again.   The good news is, once you know about these mistakes, it is easy to avoid them.  Even …

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Important Legal Considerations When Selling On-line.

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Thinking about selling goods or services online?  You should.  If COVID-19 taught small businesses anything, it is the importance of an online presence in order to stay in business!  Learn about the important considerations that come with selling online.  From contract considerations when hiring someone to build a website, using and posting photos, cyber insurance, dealing with negative reviews to …