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Sour Grapes. When Similar Names Create Confusion

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Stag’s Leap Wine vs. Stags’ Leap: A Tale of Two Wineries Stag’s Leap Wine, product of the Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars rose to prominence in 1973 when it competed against wines around the world in the Judgement of Paris and won. At the time it came as a shock that an American wine could compete against a French wine. This …

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Businesses and Cybercrime

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In the increasingly digital age, cybercrime poses a greater threat to businesses than ever before. When engaging in online business, there is always the risk for cybercrime. CryptoLocker CryptoLocker became a well-known ransomware after being unleashed on September 5, 2013. The attack continued to spread through email attachments until the end of May 2014. The malware functioned by displaying a …

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What Are Trademarks & How Do They Work?

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Trademarks are legally registered symbols that represent a brand of goods or services. There are major differences between owning a trademark and having a registered trademark. As soon as a business begins using a symbol to represent their business activities, they become a trademark owner. To get a trademark registered, a business needs to register with the United States Patent …

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Starting a Cannabis Business in New Mexico?

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Here are some important issues to consider. Recreational cannabis is legal in New Mexico and the state government is currently working to set out regulations to begin legal sales. At the latest, recreational sales will begin on April 1, 2022. So, what do cannabis entrepreneurs need to know as New Mexico moves to open a legal cannabis market? The Federal …

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What are the Differences Between Paid Time Off, Sick Days, and Vacation?

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Different companies have different approaches to paid time off (PTO). Some companies have a blanket policy of PTO which provides employees with a set number of days off which they can use for any purpose. Other companies provide paid time off into sick days and vacation days. Offering simple PTO and allowing employees to determine how to use it is …