New Mexico has issued “Stay at Home” instruction for all New Mexicans in order to “flatten the curve” of the Corona Virus within the state.

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The order explains that unless your business is “essential”, residents of the state are to work from home or close down their businesses until the order is no longer in effect. Many business owners feel that they do provide “essential” services but are concerned law enforcement may not be easily convinced. Business owners in this situation are looking for a way to gain guidance as to if they are truly “ok” to operate. They also want to be able to demonstrate to law enforcement proof of their intent to comply with the orders.

Business Law Southwest is Here to Help!

If you believe you operate a business that is essential, but are concerned law enforcement may try to close you down or detain employees, you should seek the opinion of a legal expert to determine the “essentialness” of your business as well as providing you with paperwork that documents these findings.

Business Law Southwest offers a flat-fee analysis and legal opinion letter for New Mexico’s business owners. Business owners can feel confident that they are operating within the boundaries of current laws pertaining to the present COVID-19 national emergency and if pressed by law enforcement, can provide an opinion letter that may potentially eliminate or at least serve as a defense to any criminal proceeding they may face for breaching the “Stay at Home Order”.

Our attorneys will analyze your business and provide you with an unbiased legal opinion as to if we believe your business is truly “essential” under the current order or not. Should we conclude your business to be “essential” based on our careful analysis, we will also produce an Essential Infrastructure Document for your eligible employees. This document will detail our professional opinion. If you or your employees should be stopped or questioned by law enforcement, or your business location targeted as a potential violator, this document will serve to inform the authorities that your business has been evaluated by a properly licensed and experienced business attorney, and their legal opinion concludes your current operation meets the essential criteria listed in the Stay at Home Order.

This important service is provided for a flat fee of $169.99*. This includes the evaluation of one business and for one employee or class of employee. There is an additional $39.99 charge for the evaluation of each additional employee or class of employee thereafter.   

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Once your information has been received, we will reach out within 24-business hours to you to collect payment and begin the process.

Required Information:

  • A description of your business.
  • A copy of the specific ordinance/order you would like reviewed.
  • A description of the duties of each person or job category that you are seeking our formal legal opinion.
  • Identification of any restrictions to person or job category that the business will enact to minimize that person’s contact with the public.
  • A description of the effects the public would suffer if work does not continue as proposed.

*This is a product for businesses who legitimately believe they should be able to operate under one of the COVID-19 related orders (State or Federal level). $169.99 flat-fee does not include additional consultation or services after the initial analysis or issuance of documents. Additional hours are subject to the attorney’s current billable rate. This service is non-refundable. BLSW cannot guarantee they will be able to issue a legal opinion that supports your business.