Buy-Sell Agreements
for Your Business or Partnership

When it comes to business, careful planning almost always pays off in the end. Often, it can be hard to think of leaving the business that you have worked so hard to build when you have just started.

Buy or Sell AgreementsIf you or your business partner want to sell interests in the company or you are experiencing a Business Break-Up, a buy-sell agreement can set guidelines for how to proceed. A buy-sell agreement attorney from Business Law Southwest can help you negotiate value and sell your interests in the company.

When to Implement a Buy-Sell Agreement for your New Mexico Business

In most cases, a buy-sell agreement is best implemented when your business is first forming. Although it can be difficult to think about during such an exciting time, having a buy-sell agreement in place from the start can help you avoid costly disputes later on (in particular in the event of a Business Break-Up). A buy-sell agreement enables you to:

  • Define the value of each person’s equity in the business
  • Make arrangements for payment for interests or shares
  • Help to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation

Our buy-sell agreement attorneys at Business Law Southwest can help you draft legally binding agreements between you and the other owners. Think early and avoid emotional reactions later.

When to Contact a Buy-Sell Agreement Lawyer at Business Law Southwest

When it comes to contacting a buy-sell agreement attorney, the earlier the better. Disputes are often avoided when there is a clear plan of action set in place from the start.

If your business does not have an agreement in place, the buy-sell agreement lawyers at Business Law Southwest can help you negotiate the terms of the sale. We can help you every step of the way, including mediation or arbitration, to ensure your interests are being protected. Contact us today.

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