Operating and Management
Agreements for Your NM Business

Operating agreements, corporate by-laws and partnership agreements have the power to dictate how your business is run. These agreements are legally enforceable documents that give guidelines for ownership interests, disputes (including Business Break-Ups) and how the business will function every day.

Business transition clauses can be written into an operating agreement, corporate by-laws and partnership agreements, in case the owners are interested in changing their entity from one form to another. When you are considering writing a clause like this into your agreement, a business transition lawyer from Business Law Southwest can help.

Who Should Be Interested in Business Transition Services

Business transition guidelines in New Mexico can be written into your management agreements. Have a business transition lawyer from Business Law Southwest help with those agreements when:

  • You are a sole proprietor who expects to grow the amount of business that your company receives, expanding your workforce and earnings
  • You are in a business partnership and might consider changing your business entity later
  • You are a corporation that is interested in offering more than one type of stock in the future

Having business guidelines in place will help you smooth the transition process from one type of entity to another. Contact us today.

How a Business Transition Lawyer from Business Law Southwest Can Help

Business transitions deal mainly with what type of entity your business is and the legal framework in which it must operate. A business transition lawyer can help your business transition easily from one entity to another by:

  • Advising you on the differences between entities
  • Setting clear guidelines for when and how the transition may occur
  • Giving you information to make an educated decision about the fate of your company

Contact us at Business Law Southwest today for help with your business transition.

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