Resolving Disputes for a Partnership, Shareholder, or Member of a Company

Partnership Dispute ResolutionThey say having a partner in a company is similar to being married. The stakes are high and it’s difficult to get out of. Similarly to a marriage, personality and trust can be the glue or the destructive force of a partnership in business. Finally, again like a marriage, a partnership dispute can be expensive, emotional and very destructive to the business. When the dispute has reached the level where you think you need an attorney, the partnership dispute attorneys at Business Law Southwest can help.

When Is it Time to Get Lawyers Involved in a Partnership Dispute?

There is no single answer to this question. What we tell clients is that once you hire an attorney to represent you in a partnership dispute, it’s as though you’re taking the gloves off. It can irreparably harm what relationship exists with your partner. Therefore, it’s critical that you hire the right lawyer who can be sensitive to “the politics” of the situation, and can represent you as best and appropriate for the circumstances.

What is important, is that you obtain competent legal representation when:

  • You need to understand your rights, duties and obligations in regards to the company or partnership.
  • One owner has interests outside the company that caused him or her to lose interest in the operations of the business, or otherwise created some sort of conflict of interest or violation of the “duty of loyalty” to the partnership.
  • One owner or partner seeks to do something destructive, illegal, or in violation of state or federal law, or in breach of the partnership agreement, shareholder agreement, bylaws, operating agreement or other relevant company documents.
  • A partner wants to leave or force you out.
  • A partner is otherwise “misbehaving,” to the detriment of the partnership, company and/or other owners.
  • Something significant is changing about the company, partnership or between the partners (i.e. a departure, dissolution of the company, selling assets, etc).

When you need help navigating through the Business Break-Up process, contact a New Mexico Business Break-Up attorney at Business Law Southwest today.

Business Law Southwest Can Help

Business Law Southwest, is experienced with:

  • Helping institute a plan for dispute resolution at the beginning of your partnership
  • Partnership dissolution, limited liability company dissolution or corporate disbanding
  • Representing minority owners attempting to protect their interests as against the majority owner(s)
  • Helping with an asset sale of the business
  • Enforcing rights and protecting the interests of individual owners or partners

And much, much more. With centuries worth of combined experience in partnership disputes, the odds are we’ve seen it before. A contact us to see if a Business Law Southwest partnership dispute attorney can advise you.

Positive Case Outcomes

  • BLSW represented one of three doctors who formed a successful medical practice in the early 2000s. An ownership dispute arose regarding the practice, which was comprised of several entities, including a limited liability company, a corporation, and a partnership. BLSW represented one of the owners through arbitration, and obtained a favorable result at the conclusion of the arbitration.
  • BLSW assisted the owner of a medical practice when an employee claimed an ownership interest in the business. BLSW successfully resolved the claim prior to the onset of litigation.
  • BLSW represented four corporations and three of the corporations’ shareholders in a complicated lawsuit involving disputes regarding ownership interests and claims of fraudulent documents. After following a long document trail and performing intensive forensic discovery work, BLSW attorneys were able to negotiate a settlement of the parties’ claims prior to trial.
  • BLSW represented a minority shareholder of a window distribution business after the business failed. The minority shareholder brought claims against the majority shareholder for breaching his fiduciary duty and profiting at the expense of the corporation prior to its demise. These claims were resolved at trial.
  • BLSW represented a son in a family partnership dispute concerning the family’s business ventures in Gallup, New Mexico. The dispute involved two separate lawsuits between individual family members and family-owned corporations. BLSW was able to reach a settlement of all parties’ claims prior to trial.

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