Contract Attorneys Who Know Contractor Agreements

As a business owner, contractors may become an important source of services for your business, whether obtaining help to paint the office, fix something, provide services or develop some sort of work product in use by your business. In each instance, it’s important to know that without the proper contract, your contractor could have rights you would otherwise want to be maintained by your business.

The rights maintained by a contractor include:

  • The copyrights to any copyrightable work product produced for the business.
  • The right to solicit employees, partners, vendors and other third-parties that become known during the contract or engagement.
  • The right to provide similar services to competitors.
  • And more.

Only a Contractor Agreement Can Protect a Business from a Contractor

Without a contractor agreement, you cannot prevent a contractor from asserting some of the rights identified above. To avoid a costly and damaging contractor dispute with your contractors, you must put together a proper and effective contractor agreement.

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