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When an estate is in probate, the appointed representative has the job of distributing the property and assets of the deceased according to the will. During this time, the will can be contested by anyone who is set to receive property from the deceased. When this happens, a probate lawyer can provide legal representation before or after the case goes to court.

Our law firm, Business Law Southwest has experience representing all parties involved in the probate process, including the personal representatives, devisees, and heirs.  Whether you have a claim against an estate, need to defend claims against an estate, or just need help navigating the probate process, our probate attorneys can assist you.

Probate Law: When to Consider Litigation

Most frequently, a will enters probate litigation when there is a possible problem with the manner in which the document was drafted. Common reasons for litigation are when:

  • The deceased altered their will just before death. If the deceased was mentally incapable of understanding the changes they were making, the will might be void.
  • There is evidence that the deceased was unduly influenced to change the will. Coercion is a factor that can also void the will, no matter who the influencer was.
  • The personal representative is not carrying out the deceased’s wishes. Delaying or ignoring the wishes of the deceased can be frustrating for everyone involved.

Our Albuquerque probate attorneys understand how the law is interpreted and can help you build a case that sees that the deceased’s wishes are carried out. In or out of court, we can negotiate terms and ensure your rights are being protected.

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