Acting In Good Faith

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Good Faith

Entering business contracts…

What it Means for your Business

When conducting business dealings and entering into contracts, you expect that the people that you are dealing with will be honest and sincere in their intentions to uphold your agreements. Similar to a breach of contract, when a business or person does not honor their end of the deal, but also misleads the parties involved, they are acting “in bad faith.”

What Does “In Good Faith” Mean?

Simply put, acting “in good faith” means being honest and sincere in intention and action. When a business acts in good faith:

  • They enter into a contract with intent to honor all obligations that were agreed upon
  • They expect to deliver a safe product that does exactly what they say it does
  • They are up-front about any defects or safety concerns about their product
  • They act honestly and sincerely without intent to harm or mislead

Upholding these standards for your business will ensure the safety of your employees and your product or service. These standards can help you fight back if your are harmed or wronged.

How Can I Fight back Against a Person or Entity who did not Act “In Good Faith”?

Not every business acts in good faith in their dealings. When this happens, the product or service that they offer may be delivered in a damaged or harmful condition to your business. Our business lawyers at Business Law Southwest can help you fight back against these harmful practices. We can evaluate your case, advise you on your rights, help you collect evidence against the other party and represent your business’ best interests during every phase of your case. Contact us today at (505) 848-8581.

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