BLSW Attorney Johnn Osborn Makes a Compelling Cannabis Argument

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Johnn Osborn has recently received some media attention, both locally and nationally, for his part in changing the zoning laws that previously dictated the distance in which cannabis businesses had to maintain from each other. By successfully arguing that a cannabis business going into vacant establishment improves the Albuquerque community, more cannabis retailers now have the green light to set up shop in the Albuquerque Metro Area.

The battle between cannabis business owners is an interesting one as more competition makes it harder for smaller, local businesses to compete. However, the flip side is more the businesses in a community, the more jobs available for those who reside in the area. And, as Attorney Johnn Osborn also pointed out, repurposing abandon properties that are prone to becoming potential problems can only help turn the tide in struggling communities.

Learn more about this interesting topic by reading the article featured in Hightimes.

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