Business Tips: Building Your Business and Avoiding Halting Debt (Pt. 1)

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The saying, “It takes money to make money” generally is true. It might be safer to say that it takes some risk to earn some reward. Most who want to start a business in New Mexico are looking to create financial stability, not to acquire insurmountable debt. Therefore, it is crucial not to fall to into the trap of spending too much to make a living and to be conscious of the threat of debt to a new business.

Sure, you likely have to get loans to get a business up and running. There are expenses to run a business, such as rent, supplies, payroll, marketing, etc. These are all important components to creating entrepreneurial success, but these foundational aspects of your business can put you at risk of incurring more debt than the income you earn.

There are strategies to try to prevent this common problem that new businesses face. Perhaps some of the following NASDAQ tips could benefit you and the future of your company:

    Sell more: This might sound silly and obvious. Of course selling more is the goal. Sometimes after the initial ramp up period of a new business, owners can get too comfortable in the inkling of initial success. If you have customers, work hard to keep them and don’t assume they will remain loyal. Use them to network and gain new consumers for your company. Find out what has worked so far in making sales and run with it — persistently.

    Spend less, wisely: Again, this might sound obvious. But a startup business can make its founders so busy that they might forgot to focus on the foundational elements of the business and whether costs are worth the rewards. Do you need the employees you are paying? Is rent of the business space too high? Is there a cheaper but still effective marketing strategy that might support the success of the business?

    Avoid mistakes and disputes: Yet again, another obvious sounding piece of information, but you would be surprised how many business owners make simple mistakes that can be easily avoided. One suggestion is to be SMART and work on SMART Goals when managing people, clients and vendors. Of course, consider contracts for your important relationships.

Do you have concerns about starting your business and maybe either avoiding debt or managing debt after the failure of a business? At most stages of your business, working with an experienced business attorney will help ensure you protect your financial interests.

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