The Super Bowl Ad Heard ‘Round the Country

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When developing a communications and marketing plan for law practices, it’s often said that targeting is much more effective than casting a wide net.

Apparently no one told that to personal injury attorney, Jamie Casino.

Nobody except people in Savannah, Georgia had ever heard of Jamie Casino prior to the 2014 Super Bowl.  But his over-the-top ad, which cost $35,000 for air-time and an additional $25,000 to produce—went viral—and now everyone coast to coast recognizes Jamie Casino and his law firm. Will it help him grow his business? Who knows, but sometimes living large can pay off in big dividends.  “You take a big chance when you do things like this,” Casino said. “But I’d do it again. No matter what.”

Check out Casino’s commercial here:

While we don’t “Pound Money out of Big Insurance Companies” as Casino promises on his website or spend $60,000 on Super Bowl ads, Business Law Southwest are lawyers protecting every aspect of businesses and professionals in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

If consultations on employment law, buy-sell agreements and corporate finance are more your speed, give us a call.

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