Why Is Privacy In Business Almost Extinct?

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In an interview with The Small Business Exchange, Larry Donahue discusses privacy in the digital age.

Larry Donahue is a Partner at BLSW. Along with being tasked with Management of the Internet Division, he is also know within the legal community at large as the “Father” of the Anonymous LLC.

For nearly two decades, Donahue has been explaining the virtues of the Anonymous LLC as a means for business owners to protect their personal privacy and investments. Being a tech savvy electrical engineer as well as being a lawyer meant that Donahue knew, perhaps sooner than most, exactly what the internet revolution and free exchange of information would do to the privacy of business owners. It would, in many cases, end it. Understanding the privacy could no longer be maintained by an unlisted number in the phone book, Donahue set about enhancing and perfecting the way in which business entities were formed in order to maintain client’s personal privacy despite their status of business owners.

“I unequivocally agree that businesses should be registered with the state and everyone should pay their taxes, but I disagree with the notion that the average citizen forgoes their right to privacy when they decide to form a business entity or invest their assets. I view the Anonymous LLC as a critical instrument helping owners conduct business without placing themselves or their families at risk of harm or harassment.” says Donahue.

You can learn more about the Anonymous LLC as well as read Larry’s interview in its entirety here.

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