Helping to Resolve Contract Disputes

Contract disputes can be very problematic for a business, and they often come in one of two forms:

  • Where one of the parties is clearly failing to perform its duties under the contract (called Breach of Contract), or
  • Where the contract is ambiguous on an important detail or aspect of relationship, and the parties are in dispute over the ambiguity.

Resolving a Breach of Contract

Whether your business seeks to enforce a contract that the other party is breaching (or threatening to breach), or whether it’s your business who is in breach of contract and you need strong representation to defend you, Business Law Southwest can help.

When you’re looking to enforce a contract as against the breaching party, the contract lawyers at Business Law Southwest have the experience to quickly and cost-effectively create an impactful demand letter, negotiate a settlement and/or file a lawsuit seeking specific performance, injunctive relief and/or damages.

If your business is the one defending itself from a breach of contract claim, Business Law Southwest contract lawyers can examine the contract and circumstances, to seek opportunities to either justify non-compliance or reduce damage claims. At the very least, Business Law Southwest can negotiate some form of installment payments over time, to reduce the financial burden of paying the other party to resolve such a dispute.

Resolving Ambiguous Contract Disputes

It happens more frequently than you may imagine: A business leader is pressured to sign on the dotted line for an important contract, such as a lease or important vendor contract, and the contract is very light on details but you’re assured that “that’s okay, we always do that” (the word “that” applying to whatever it is that you think is important). The problem is, extrinsic evidence is rarely permitted “to add additional terms” to a contract, although such evidence can be used to help resolve certain types of ambiguities in a contract; and more importantly, making such arguments in a court of law can become very expensive, oftentimes more expensive than the subject matter in dispute.

Therefore, it takes significant expertise in contract law to be able to resolve such disputes in the favor of our clients. Business Law Southwest contract lawyers have literally centuries of combined experience dealing with such disputes.

Contact Business Law Southwest when you’re dealing with a contract dispute to:

Our contract attorneys at Business Law Southwest can help you resolve your contract dispute.

When to Contact a Contract Attorney at Business Law Southwest

When it comes to contract disputes, the earlier the better. By knowing your options and our legal opinion with respect to your contract and the circumstances, sooner rather than later, you may be able to take steps to prevent further expense down the road before involving the lawyers. When you do need to involve the lawyers, it’s always better to address the problems immediately to help minimize damages to the parties and avoid intractable positioning by the other party.

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