Contesting a Will

A last Will and Testament is meant to give direction for the estate to the testator’s family after his or her death. Once the testator is dead, the Will automatically takes effect, and the probate process to distribute assets and property begins. Our Albuquerque law firm has experience helping those to contest a Will in court.

contesting a willWhat is a Will?

A Will is a document that explains how a person’s property is to be divided after death. The Will can be amended anytime before death and should name a personal representative that Will handle the affairs of the estate, including property distribution and payment of debts.

Grounds for Contesting a Will

Anyone related to the deceased or named in the deceased’s Will can contest the document for any reason. In order to successfully contest a will, you must prove:

  • The mental capacity or state of the deceased was not adequate enough to understand what he or she was doing
  • The deceased was under duress when the document was amended
  • The Will is fraudulent
  • The Will violates state law

If you suspect that any of these situations are possible, an experienced attorney from Business Law Southwest, LLC can help you file the necessary paperwork to contest the Will. We can also help you build evidence and find witness to support your claim in court.

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