Same-Sex Marriage and Business Partnerships

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Owning a business with one’s spouse is a common—albeit arguably stressful at times—occurrence. At BLSW, we know that managing legal matters as a partnership—both in marriage and in business—is always easier with a strong and skilled team on your side, and we’re happy to help answer questions that arise with understanding the collaboration of marriage and business.

On December 19, 2013 the New Mexico Supreme Court issued a life-changing ruling for many couples—and potentially for many business owners—across the state. (See more on the ruling here). With their ruling in favor of marriage equality, there are many recently married same-sex couples and many who plan to marry in coming months. Some of these couples might have been together for years, decades even. As a result, there are likely many who have been business partners as well for quite some time. With their new marriage, though, there are important aspects of business operations and legal practices for their business that need to be addressed.

We sincerely congratulate the same-sex couples who have recently married, and who are able to enjoy the same freedoms under the law as every other couple. We encourage all business owners who are newly wed—or newly partnered in business—to contact us. We can offer legal advice to plan for the future and help your business thrive. For more information, please check out our website at:

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