Social Media, Private Conversations and Your Business

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In the fast-paced world of tweets, Facebook posts, and cell phone cameras, people often post before really thinking. Similarly, what is said in private conversation doesn’t always stay private these days.

Recently a ‘private’ conversation between Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, and his girlfriend made big news and became the subject of both news streams and headlines, after a recording of the conversation was made public. Read more here.

This situation clearly shows us that the lines of communication are being blurred as technology advances. Today, almost everyone carries around a video camera in their pocket via their cell phone. As a result, things said in personal communication can easily and quickly be broadcast to the world. Things said by you, or one of your employees, has the potential to spread like wildfire, adversely affecting your business.

With a vast majority of people online and connected via social media, the lines get even fuzzier. There are multiple mediums in which comments can be made public, and the lines between protecting someone’s right to make personal comments and protecting your company’s image are tough lines to walk. There are many questions that can surface regarding whether something said in a ‘personal’ venue should or can affect your business disposition. Additionally, as a business owner, you might have questions about how much control you have over what your employees say or post in these ‘personal’ areas of communication.

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