Tort Law: Protect Your Business

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Tort Law

Protect your business…

Sometimes protecting your business is not as simple as locking your doors at night and setting an alarm. It is not just your physical address that you need to protect—property can be intangible or intellectual. Attacks against those types of property by another business or by an employee can be very damaging to your business practices and reputation. Staying vigilant with your customers and in business dealings can help you identify wrongdoing by another person or business.

What is Tort Law?

Tort law deals with civil cases where one party has cause intentional or negligent harm or damages against a person or business through their actions, or lack of. In tort law, the civil suit can be between two individuals, a person and a business, or two businesses. Tort law is in place to protect a person or entity and seek compensation if they have been harmed. Tort law protects against:

    • Business interference. This includes, but is not limited to, spreading rumors about your business to your customers or attempting to steal customers by misleading them. Although these practices are not always illegal, they can be damaging to your business.
    • Unfair competition. This occurs when a group of companies is fixing their product prices or offering their services unfairly to put another company out of business. This can be damaging to consumers as well as other businesses.
    • Personal injuries. These include negligence of a business or person that causes physical or emotional harm.

Although not all inclusive, these are examples of how a business or person can be affected by willful or negligent wrongdoing.

What to do when you are a Victim

At Business Law Southwest, we can help you fight back against wrongdoing from others. We can help you understand your rights, advise you on your legal options and help you pursue the best course of action for your unique circumstances. Oftentimes, the guilty party is responsible for compensatory and/or punitive damages. Contact us today at (505) 848-8581 for a free consultation.

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